Changes in the shape of your hands, weight gain, or a mistake when trying on a ring are all reasons for a ring to become too small. However, whether it is a gift ring, an engagement ring or even your wedding band, it is always possible to make a ring larger. So if yours turns out to be too small or if you have trouble getting it off your finger, there’s no need to leave it in your jewelry box. Find out how to enlarge a ring!

How to enlarge a ring at home: DIY

It is possible to enlarge your ring yourself. This is recommended if you only want to gain half a size. Indeed, this “homemade” trick consists in threading your ring on a conical instrument. This can be especially the case with hand-shaped jewelry displays. Next, tap the ring with a mallet to gain size. Before doing this step, you will need to coat the ring with soap. Be careful with your fingers!

Obviously, you must be gentle on the strength of the taps so as not to damage the ring. Also, be sure to tap straight with your mallet. If you tap a little to the side, you risk causing chips in the ring material.

This method of enlarging the ring is irreversible. Especially since it should be reserved for classic rings. Thus, if your ring is made of a precious metal such as gold, platinum or rhodium-plated solid silver, it may be damaged if you are not precise in this method. The same goes for rings adorned with precious stones or diamonds, it is recommended to avoid this type of enlargement and to entrust the task to a professional. As you can see, this method is generally reserved for your costume jewelry.

How to have a ring sized at a jeweler’s

It seems important to point out that most jewelers have a jewelers’ workshop in which they offer to cut jewelry. Including rings! Indeed, the price of the enlargement of your ring will depend on the type of metal, the setting of the stones, the color of the gold and the design of the ring.

In addition, there is the level of difficulty of the ring sizing. If you want to go up a size, your jeweler will use a triboulet to enlarge the ring’s diameter. However, if you wish to obtain a more substantial enlargement, this professional will have to add metal. To do this, he will cut the ring to add a portion of material. This will enlarge the ring.

It should be noted that some rings, such as an engraved wedding band or a ring encrusted with diamonds around its circumference, require much more work. Thus, it is even possible to completely reshape your jewel. This also influences the price of your jewelry.

Is it possible to enlarge your jewelry ?

To answer the question in our preamble, it is “yes”. It is possible to enlarge a ring, but not in any way. You can do it yourself, especially if you want to gain half a size and if it is a piece of costume jewelry. On the other hand, it is recommended to go to your jeweler if you want to gain a bigger size. The first price starts at about 20$. And, unfortunately, if your finger has doubled in size, the exercise may be impossible to achieve without completely ruining the ring’s design. Finally, you should know that at some jewelers, it is possible to return your ring within a certain period of time for a free sizing. Be sure to ask about this when you buy your jewelry!

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