Several situations or even different diseases can be the reason for swollen lips. As well as an injury to the lips or also a trauma can be a possible cause of lip swelling. Allergic reactions to medications, foods and many other products and substances can also contribute to lip swelling. However, these swellings can also be accompanied by various symptoms and be more of a problem for you. So to avoid this type of discomfort, you need to know beforehand how to deflate your lips in case of swelling.

Apply a cold compress

In the case of a lip piercing, regardless of the type of lip, apply a cold compress as soon as the swelling is noticed. This is the best way to reduce the swelling. Simply wrap a few ice cubes in a paper towel and gently massage the affected lip. For ten minutes, press this cold compress on the swollen lip(s), then take a break before starting again. Do this treatment until you get relief. In addition, instead of the compress you can also use a cold spoon or a bag of frozen peas. However, avoid applying ice directly to the lips as this may cause slight frostbite.

Apply aloe vera gel

The gel of this plant contains many anti-inflammatory properties. And these properties effectively help to reduce the burning sensation of a lip when it is swollen, but also the swelling. In the case of an allergic reaction or a mosquito or insect bite, this natural gel is ideal.

Simply extract the fresh gel from the aloe vera leaf and apply it to the swollen lip. Gently massage the affected area to allow the aloe vera to be fully absorbed. Repeat this treatment 2 to 3 times daily to get relief.

Apply the black tea bag

Known as tannins, the compounds in black tea have perfect astringent qualities. These help to reduce the swelling within the soft tissues of the lips. To do this, use a black tea bag. Soak the tea bag in lukewarm water and leave for about ten minutes. Then remove your tea bag from the water and let it cool. Gently apply this tea bag to the swollen lip for at least ten minutes. For quick and effective results, repeat this treatment several times daily.

Apply honey

To treat a swollen lip effectively and quickly, nothing beats honey. This substance produced by bees contains antibacterial properties and natural healing properties. In addition to reducing inflammation, swelling and pain, honey also keeps your lips well hydrated. For a honey-based treatment for swelling, roll a small amount of cotton into a ball. Then, dip it in a teaspoon of honey. Apply this treatment on the swollen area of your lip or on the swollen lip. Leave for at least 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. For more effectiveness, this treatment should be repeated 2 to 3 times daily.


Turmeric powder is also a product that helps in the treatment of a swollen lip. It contains healing and antiseptic properties. Moreover, the antiseptic properties contained in turmeric powder also prevent infections. You can make a paste from a teaspoon of clay and a small amount of turmeric. Apply to the affected lip, let it dry for a while and then wash it off with warm water. In addition to the swelling, this treatment also helps to remove the pain. Just apply it twice a day.

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