How not to succumb to the charm of long haircuts man? They are back in fashion thanks to movie stars such as Jason Momoa in “Aquaman”, or Tom Hiddleston in “Loki”. They continue to gain ground. If they are currently a huge success, it is mainly because they offer both beauty, charisma and charm to its holder.

Long hair for men still has a long way to go in the world of men’s hairstyles. From soccer stars to movie stars to supermodels, this hairstyle may never go out of style. Let’s see together, what makes these haircuts so special.

Long haircuts for men

There is a wide variety of long haircuts man, but before mentioning them, a small presentation is necessary.

Long haircuts for men: presentation

Long haircuts for men are full of history. It goes back to a very ancient time, before J C. Moreover, it was also his favorite cut. The long hair man has been visible on the head of many men belonging to different peoples. Viking, Samurai, American Indian, so many peoples who have marked the history of mankind and have adopted these haircuts.

Today, long haircuts for men continue to gain ground in the world of men’s hairstyles. They give the latter an irresistible charisma and charm. It took a while, but men have realized that hairstyles for men long hair make an effect on the female gender.

Long haircuts for men remained for a long time an exclusivity of Latino men. However, they began to be democratized from the years 2012 thanks to famous movie actors. Today, European, Latino, African, Asian, all wear hairstyles with long hair.

The different long haircuts for men

There are so many long haircuts for men that it is impossible to list them all. Nevertheless, we have taken the time to list for you the most popular ones. These are :

  • The long haircut for men with movement: this is the classic cut. It does not have any particular characteristics. The only requirement here is to have hair long enough to touch your shoulders. So, you can move it to the side with your hand or your comb, to let your forehead appear. You can also tuck your hair behind your ear on the opposite side of the movement, which will reveal your face. It is also possible to create a symmetrical movement by sending all the hair backwards, which will expose your seductive look.
  • The long haircut for men with a bun: it consists in tying the tuft of hair behind with a bun. It exists in several models. You can tie your hair back without stretching it too much, and leave some strands aside. You can also tie your hair up so that it is tight, without leaving any strands aside. However, this is not recommended if you have a beard. It could break the harmony between your head and your cheeks.
  • Wavy men’s long haircut: if you have long wavy hair, it is recommended to adopt a haircut with movement. However, you can also do a bun haircut, or a samurai haircut, depending on your face shape.
  • The samurai haircut for men: it requires long, smooth and well-combed hair. Thus, this cut requires regular maintenance of the hair. Unlike a bun haircut, the samurai haircut only ties the hair on the top of the head. To achieve it, you must use two hair elastics. The hair on the sides should be trimmed or pulled back if it is long. The hair at the back should be left hanging and smooth.
  • The smooth haircut: it is a cut which consists in letting the hair hang on the side thanks to a parting in the middle. It is very similar to the haircuts of the American Indians. The hair here should be smooth all the way through, without a single wave. If your hair is curly, or has trouble staying straight, it is best to opt for a long haircut with movement.

Who can wear a long men’s haircut?

Long hair can be worn by men of all nations. However, they do not fit all profiles. Indeed, it is not enough to have long hair. It should also be beautiful, and in harmony with your look and the shape of your face.

Thus, long hair does not correspond to men with fragile or damaged hair. It is not recommended for men with a small face, the latter would risk looking like poodles.

To wear a long haircut, it is advisable to have thick hair, with a square, round and triangular face shape. Wearing a long haircut with an oval face, gives the look of a woman. Also, it is recommended for men with wavy hair to adopt a curly long haircut rather than a smooth, medium-length cut.

Another very important criterion not to be neglected is the look. Wearing a long haircut should not make you look effeminate. On the contrary, it should bring out the most masculine side of you. Thus, it is not recommended to wear your hair long if you have a blank look. Long haircuts are mostly for men with a piercing look. However, they still need to match their hair color to their eye color to ensure an irresistible charm.

Having long hair is good, but with the right hairstyle, it’s even better. It is therefore important to adopt the hairstyle that matches your hair and your profile. However, to have long hair requires that your hair is the right size.

How to have long hair?

Having long hair requires :

  • Patience: hair does not become long in a day. It takes time to grow and reach the ideal length. So you need to be patient. Of course, this is not easy, and you will inevitably go through moments when you are not satisfied with your haircut. Know that it is a sacrifice worth making, a necessary evil to get the hair of your dreams.
  • Hair care: This is a task that you will need to perform regularly throughout the waiting period. You should avoid using the straightening iron and the hair dryer too much, so as not to damage your hair. It is therefore recommended that you air dry your hair and style it by hand whenever possible. Avoid washing your hair regularly, and use gel constantly to keep it set.
  • Hair maintenance: This is done when your hair has reached the right length (i.e., when it reaches your shoulders). Indeed, long hair requires regular maintenance, which prevents you from having a neglected appearance. Apart from that, not maintaining your hair will make it dull and brittle, so it will be difficult to style. To do this task perfectly, it is recommended to use nourishing shampoos, and to detangle your hair regularly.

Now that your hair is the right size, you need to choose your hairstyle.

How to make a hairstyle man long hair ?

It is not very difficult to make a long hair hairstyle for men. You only have to do two things: have long hair, and choose the hairstyle that fits your profile. The first condition is already met, so you need to move on to the second. To help you make your choice, here is a list of long hair hairstyles for men and the profiles that go with them.

  • The long haircut for men with back hair: this is the ideal haircut for men who have a square or triangular face (like Tom Hiddelson). The ideal hair color for this cut is black. Men with black eyes should therefore prefer it to others. With or without a beard, this haircut blends perfectly with the face.
  • Ponytail haircut: This haircut is perfect for men who have a long face with a wide forehead and a pointed nose. Here, the hair on the upper part is tied to form a ponytail. The hair of the lower parts is tucked behind the ear. The hair of the back part is left hanging. The ideal hair color for this haircut is golden. However, avoid choosing it if you don’t have a beard.
    The top bun: this is the haircut for those who have a short and rounded face, a wide forehead and a pointed nose. All the hair here is tied on the top of the head to form a bun. No strands are left out. However, the hair should not be stretched, in order to harmonize it with the bun. The preferred color for this cut is brown, but if you don’t have a beard, you should opt for black instead.
  • The lower bun: this cut is very similar to the upper bun, but with some particularities. Here, the bun is between the top and the back of the head. The hair is tied up, but some strands are left on the sides. This cut corresponds to men with a square face, and is worn only with a beard. The color here is brown (dark and light), so black does not correspond.
  • The back bun: here, all the hair is sent to the back, and stopped with a bun. It is not recommended to make a back bun leaving some strands free, because it does not make the hairstyle attractive. It is made for men with a shortened and slightly rounded face, with a pointed nose. The preferred colors are black and dark brown. It can be worn with or without a beard, and requires regular use of gel to keep the hair in place.
    The long curly men’s haircut: this haircut is very versatile, as it suits all types of faces, and adapts to all types of colors. Whether with or without a beard, the long curly men’s haircut is a good match. You can wear it with a headband if you find that the hair has difficulty in holding in place. You can also make a parting in the middle of the head to maintain the hair on the sides.
  • The samurai cut: it has already been described above. It is a cut that corresponds to long faces, whether they are square, oval or rounded. The exclusive color of this cut is black. It can be worn with or without a beard. However, you must make sure that your hair is never wavy, it must always remain smooth.

Here is the list of men’s hairstyles that can be achieved with long hair. However, you should also make sure that the color of your hair matches the color of your eyes. If it does not, you risk being unnoticed or your friends and family will have the impression that the hairstyle does not suit you.

Today there is a new model of men’s hairstyle that includes haircuts of all kinds and sizes. This is the layered hairstyle. You can therefore, apart from the cuts mentioned above, adopt a gradient long haircut. Let’s see what it is.

Layered long hair for men

The gradient haircut is a haircut that suits all men of all ages. It consists in making a difference in the size of the hair on the head. Thus, the levels with the shortest hair allow easy maintenance, while the levels with long hair offer different options.

Long layered haircut for men: what is it?

Long gradient haircuts allow you to adapt any long haircut to your profile. In addition to that, they also offer ease of hair maintenance, as the hair is not as numerous as it used to be.

Achieving a layered long men’s haircut is quite simple. You just have to reduce the size of the hair on the sides and back, and leave the hair on the top untouched. However, before you start, you must take into account a number of parameters:

  • The haircut to be achieved: this is the first thing to have in mind. You must know beforehand the hairstyle you want to wear on your head. This will give you an idea of how to cut your hair.
  • The size to which you should cut the hair on the sides: the sizes vary depending on the gradient you want to achieve. For example, you can choose a full edge shave, a 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, etc. gradient.
  • The length of the hair at the top: this too depends on the type of long gradient you want to have. Unlike ordinary long haircuts which almost all require the same size hair, long hair gradients have different sizes.

The different men’s long haircuts with layers

There is a wide range of gradient long haircuts, here are some of them:

  • The long undercut: it is a gradient cut that consists of completely shaving the sides and the back of the head. Only the touch of hair on the top part remains. The remaining hair is then straightened or curled. It is a cut that is worn exclusively with the beard, and the latter must be of the same color as the hair. It is recommended to reduce the beard at the cheeks, so that it can be in harmony with the hairstyle.
  • The top knot gradient: it consists in reducing the hair on the sides and the back of the head. The latter should not exceed 1 cm. Some people prefer to use a progressive top knot. Thus, the hair on the lower parts is shaved off completely, and increases in size as it gets closer to the upper part. However, the length of the gradient remains the same, and should not exceed 10 mm. The remaining tuft of hair above is tied in a bun, and a parting is formed around it. This hairstyle is also only worn with a beard.
  • The long curly hair gradient: here, the curly tuft of hair is tied in a bun on the upper part of the head. It is recommended to opt for a progressive gradient, which will allow the bun to harmonize with the rest of the head and the face. This hairstyle can be worn with or without a beard.
  • The long samurai layered hairstyle: this hairstyle is similar to the samurai man hairstyle. The only difference here is that the hair on the sides and the back are trimmed. It can be worn with or without a beard.

What styling products should you choose for your long hair?

Having a long hair cut is not enough, you also need to maintain it, which requires the use of some styling products. For your long hair, you should use the following products:

  • Styling gel: this is one of the most famous styling products. Mostly used for mid-length haircuts, this product also has its role to play in some long haircuts for men. Thus, you will have to use it to smooth your hair if you have opted for a gradient samurai cut or long hair styled backwards for example.
  • The wax: it is a product that allows to texture the hair while bringing them flexibility and shine. Therefore, it is not recommended for men with fine hair. You should choose it according to the effect you want (finishing, unstructured, crumpled, etc.).
  • Styling clay: this product effectively protects hair against all kinds of external aggressions.
  • Modelling paste: it softens the hair without weighing it down. It also helps to smooth and discipline the hair while maintaining its natural appearance.
  • The styling mousse: it is a product to be privileged for those which have the cuts of long curly hair. It helps accentuate curls and restore shine to dull hair.
  • The styling spray: it is a finishing product that allows to modulate the fixation of the hair. It is ideal for long haircuts with movement and styled backwards. However, it is advisable not to use it regularly, because in the long run, this product dries out the hair.

With long hair, there is no room for error. It is therefore important to be vigilant when choosing these products. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to shave because your hair has been damaged by one of them. Having your hair’s characteristics in mind maximizes your chances of making the right choice. However, if you don’t know the specifics of your hair, choose natural products.


Having long hair is good, but adopting the hairstyle that goes with it is even better. So if you want to do a man’s hairstyle with long hair, you have to choose the one that matches your profile. However, things don’t stop there. After the hairstyle, you will need to maintain your hair regularly. So make sure you use the right products. It is also possible to reduce the extent of this task by choosing a layered hairstyle for long hair.

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