Microblading is a procedure that gives the eyebrows the desired shape and color. This technique is derived from permanent makeup, but it inserts pigment under the skin at the epidermis to achieve this look. It involves making small incisions with needles so that the pigment particles sink into the follicles where they are needed most, to give you those lush brows we all want!

Micro-needles are used by professionals who have been trained in the precision of their movements during each procedure/session. This makes them much safer than other methods.

How does microblading fade?

Microblading is a great alternative to heavy makeup or eyebrow tattooing, especially if you have naturally full eyebrows. It’s also ideal for people who want to have more control over their final look, as it allows them to contour each hair with a precision and care that is impossible to achieve by penciling or filling in the brows, far from it! The only drawback might be related to one problem; namely, how quickly this shape fades depending on your skin type/color (and sometimes just age).

When does microblading not hold and what are the reasons?

Microblading is not the best option for all skin types. First of all, it can’t be done on dehydrated or rough-textured skin, as these skin types have a harder time adhering to ink than other substances, resulting in placement that looks unnatural at best. Fine hairs can also take on a gloomy appearance when drawn too thickly over an area prone to dimensional thinning, making this procedure unappealing, even before considering other drawbacks such as scarring from shaving procedures used during your beauty makeovers.

Another reason why this procedure does not work well with dry or seborrheic type skin is: pigment! When the pigment dries on top and breaks up into pieces due to their sensitive nature, there is no way those little particles will stay in place long enough for anyone to see any effect (let alone a convincing one). So this type of procedure can create frustration for clients who might have wanted to get their eyebrows done sooner rather than later, like newlyweds making an appearance at their first formal dinner! However, there’s another reason: the microblading pigments don’t stick well in people whose moisturizers contain silicone oils like argan oil, because they’re too slippery and slide onto other areas where we don’t want the color to show.

Tip of the day: How to do microblading

This little technical tip is for those of you who do your own microblading eyebrows: you want the ink to be deep but not too deep. You don’t want shallow incisions or incisions that look like they were drawn with a marker by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, because all of your hard work will quickly fade away!


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