What is a Capsule Wardrobe and the Benefits of Having One

A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of clothing that is designed to mix and match effectively to create lots of fashionable outfit combinations. Also known as minimalistic fashion, the capsule wardrobe idea is focused on having a few carefully chosen pieces of clothing and accessories that will interconnect in order to create an entire wardrobe.

Although there is no hard and fast rule as to what should be included in a capsule wardrobe, the goal is to have pieces that are versatile, classic, timeless and that fit your own personal style. Here are some of the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe:

1. Less Clutter

A capsule wardrobe means that you will have a lot fewer clothes and accessories in your wardrobe, as you will have edited out all the items you do not wear or simply do not fit properly. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary clutter. Instead, everything becomes easy to find and you will always know which items of clothing are ready to go.

2. You Will Wear Your Items More

Having fewer clothing items in your wardrobe means that you will wear them much more. You will not be tempted to constantly buy new clothes that you “might” wear, but have forgotten about with the rest of your items. As a result, you will be purchasing fewer items of clothing and making the most of the clothes that you already have.

3. Easier To Style Outfits

As all the items in your wardrobe will work together, it becomes much easier to create stylish outfits. You will no longer need to spend hours trying to figure out what to wear or relying on a select few favourite items for every occasion. Instead, your capsule wardrobe will mean that all of the individual pieces blend together and create fabulous outfits without any additional effort.

4. saving Money and Time

When you reduce your clothing collection to only the core items of your desired look, you will not need to spend time or money shopping for new items. This is a key benefit of having a capsule wardrobe as you will always know which items of clothing to purchase at any given time.

5. Look Great

The end result of creating a capsule wardrobe is that you will look fantastic every day. As all the items in your wardrobe interconnect and follow your own personal style guidelines, you will always have an great selection of clothing that fits you well and looks great on you.

Creating a capsule wardrobe cuts the clutter and makes getting dressed a much simpler and more efficient process. So make sure you keep those core items of clothing, find the perfect interconnecting pieces and you’ll know that you look great before you even get dressed.

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