The Benefits of Incorporating Nature into Spiritual and Personal Growth

The experience of connecting with nature is one of the most calming, peaceful, and overwhelmingly positive experiences you can receive. Nature can be seen as a source of comfort, strength, and spirituality when it comes to personal growth and development. By taking the time and effort to incorporate nature into our spiritual and personal growth, many learn to better appreciate the world and all its beauty.

Reacquainting with Nature

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to lose touch with nature and its benefits. This is why reconnecting with nature can be so vital for those looking to explore personal growth and spiritual exploration. Being outdoors, away from all the modern gadgets and away from our homes, has a way of bringing us closer in touch with ourselves and with our spirit. We can take a walk and listen to the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore or look up at the sky and watch the clouds pass by or we can take a hike up the mountain side, getting in touch with the energy of the earth. No matter how we choose to delve into the beauty of our surroundings, time and time again we come away feeling bigger and brighter than before.

Relaxation Exercises with Nature

Look for a peaceful, tranquil spot outdoors and try some of these exercises to get a better spiritual connection with nature.

  • Grounding: Take a few deep breaths and get in tune with your surroundings. Feel the coolness of the air on your skin, focus on the feel of your feet pressing against the ground, and inhale all the scents of nature. Take some time to draw your focus toward your heart and feel the energy coming up from the earth into your body.
  • Countryside Yoga: If you practice yoga, taking your hathas outdoors adds to a peaceful meditation. Take in the bright sunlight and let the warmth fill your body. Listen to the birds and feel the breeze around you. Let nature become your music as you move your sides in sync with the sounds of the wind.
  • Meditation: There’s no better place to practice mindfulness than outdoors. Get lost in the serene views of nature and find a comfortable spot to sit and relax. Feel the grass or sand beneath you and let your eyes wander, exploring the beauty surrounding you as your mind lets go of thoughts and tensions.

The Power of Nature for Spiritual Growth

The power of connecting with nature for spiritual growth is undeniable. Nature has lively colors, smells, and climates that work together to ground our spirit, cleanse our headspace, and renew our soul. We can take a walk along the beach and immerse ourselves in the calming sound of the waves. We can join the birds in chorus, singing with their joyful noise. Nature has a way of making us pause and take a breath in awe of the perfection of the universe.

We can use nature to better understand our lives, to discover a deeper connection to our spirit, and to gain a better appreciation for the world and everything it has to offer. Whether its walking through a forest, listening to the rain, or just standing still and looking up at the sky, spending time in nature can leave us feeling more peaceful, connected and in tune with everything that is around us. This can be a great tool to use during spiritual growth and personal development.

By taking the time to reacquaint ourselves with nature and to indulge in the beauty and power it has to offer, we can create a wonderfully positive and spiritual environment that aids in our personal growth and development.


Incorporating nature into our spiritual journeys and personal growth can be a wonderful way for us to find healing, peace, and clarity. Taking a break from the modern world, immersing ourselves in nature, and connecting with the energy of the earth can renew our spirit and help us come closer to understanding our true selves.

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